PYPE家长开放日 | 你的成长,我从不缺席

时间: 2020年09月15日 来源: IB-PYP小学项目 作者: 成都美视国际学校

PYP 英文部家长开放日

PYPE Open House/Curriculum Day/Parents Orientation


In the strong fragrance of osmanthus, Chengdu Meishi International School has ushered in a new school year. Following the Teachers’ Day, Meishi PYPE opened its door to parents on September 11, 2020.


In view of the pandemic precaution situation, parents were split to two groups to enter campus: the parents of students in grades 1-2 entered in the morning and 3-5 the afternoon.  In the first stage, parents gathered in the library of PYPE together with PYP Principal Mr.Zhang, Learning Community Director Ms.Sara and the PYP Coordinator Mr.Tim to learn about the International Baccalaureate PYP program and the curriculum map for the current academic year at Meishi-PYPE.

张校长首先热烈地欢迎前来的家长,对于他们选择了美视,选择了PYP英文部表示衷心的感谢。其次,他提出了本学年的学校的目标:建立专业的学术管理团队和和谐的社区。最后他提到本学年PYP英文部新的变化:使用新的教学资源、增加了很多校园活动如文化周,阅读周,音乐艺术节等。紧接着Mr. Tim介绍了本学年的课程大纲,他详细说明了十大培养目标、ATL、六大超学科主题、探究线索、课程评估等概念,并指出教学最终要落实在行动上。最后,Ms. Sara总结了上一学年学校如何利用学习社区的资源开展活动,并且欢迎家长加入到学习社区,为美视学子提供更多的学习资源,在此过程中她强调了IB学习社区的终极目标是培养学习者的终身学习理念。

Mr. Zhang first warmly welcomed the parents and expressed his heartfelt thanks for choosing Meishi PYPE. He proposed the school's goal for this academic year was to establish a professional academic leadership team and a harmonious learning community. He also mentioned the new changes in PYPE this academic year: the use of new teaching resources and the addition of campus activities, such as spirit week,book week, music and art festival. And then Mr. Tim introduced the curriculum of this academic year. He explained in detail the IB learner profile, ATL, six transdisciplinary themes, lines of inquiry, assessment, and pointed out that teaching should be implemented in action. At last, Ms. Sara summarized how PYPE used the resources of the learning community to carry out activities in the last academic year, and welcomed parents to join the learning community to provide more learning resources for the students of Meishi PYPE. She emphasized the ultimate goal of PYPE learning community is to nurture the lifelong learning skills for its learners.


In the second stage, the parents went to the homerooms to meet with the teachers of homeroom and special subjects. The teachers shared the syllabus and teaching plan of this academic year with parents. They also expected more parents to come into the classroom to share wonderful stories and interesting life experiences in the future.In just two hours, the parents’ orientation ended in a heated discussion. Parents have said that such an opportunity is conducive to building mutual understanding and trust between school and parents and they were looking forward to more opportunities for parents-school communication in the future. 


IB has been committed to the concept of parents-school integration. Learning environment does not simply refer to the campus, and education is not solely from the side of school. Meishi PYPE sincerely hopes that parents and school can trust each other and work together to build a stronger learning community. We will try our best to empower our children with lifelong learning skills and international mindedness.